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Natural Cure for Headaches


An old and unique suggestion for a headache cure is using an ice-cold piece of cooking foil on your forehead. This is said to be perfect for curing a headache. One doctor who has been studying headaches for years says the foil cools the blood and the headache disappears in about two minutes.  This is one of the many old-time natural cure for headaches.

 Two teaspoons of Honey with each meal will banish most headaches. If you feel a headache coming on, a quick teaspoon can help.

 Generations ago, chamomile and catnip tea were staple items in the kitchen cupboard, commonly used to soothe headaches and fevers.

 One of the simplest ways to prevent migraines is simply to drink more water!  In his book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”, Dr. F Batmanghelidj states on page 51 “Dehydration plays a major role in the precipitation of migraine headaches.  The most prudent way of dealing with migraine is its prevention by the regular intake of water.”   


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