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Natural Remedies for Common Ailments




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Preventing Heartburn - Donít overeat. Avoid tight clothing, especially waist-pinching belts. Stay upright for several hours after eating ó donít eat just before bedtime or lie down for a nap right after a meal. If you frequently suffer from heartburn, avoid those foods you know you have a problem with. Limit fat intake since fat slows the emptying of the stomach. Elevate the head of your bed by six inches or more. This may be the single most important mechanical alteration heartburn sufferers can make

Easiest Way to Flatten Your Stomach - Sit or stand upright and suck in your stomach. Hold for about 20 seconds, breathing normally. Repeat about once every waking hour. You should start seeing results in four to six weeks.

Five Ways to Beat Worry - (1) Separate worries into those you can do something about and those you canít. Deal with the first group, and forget the rest. (2) Distract yourself with a walk, a book or a movie. (3) Behave as though you arenít worried. (Sometimes you can even fool yourself by blocking out worries.) (4) Have long talks about your worries and anxieties with a friend. (5) Use a relaxation technique such as meditation or yoga.

Lower Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Without Drugs - Simply cut down on fatty foods and eat more foods with Potassium ó Bananas, Tangerines, and Oranges. For quick results, try a diet of rice, fruit and vegetables. And if you donít already know your cholesterol level, ask your doctor about being tested.

Exercise May be the Best Aphrodisiac - Researchers and common sense have long held that exercise enhances health and makes people feel better about themselves and their bodies. This, in turn, makes them more sexually attractive and responsive. Now studies are suggesting that exercise is a potent stimulus to hormone production in both men and women. It may, in fact, chemically increase basic libido by stepping up the levels of such hormones as testosterone.

A Simple Way to Lose 15 Pounds - and get Better Health
- Modest physical activity for 30 minutes per day will knock as much as 15 pounds off your weight within six months ó assuming, of course, that calorie intake is not increased.

Four Ways to Avoid Colon Cancer - (1) Eat a high-fiber diet. (2) Consume milk and milk products daily (for calcium). (3) Get 20-minutes of sun exposure a day (for vitamin D). (4) Exercise on a regular basis.

Instant Leg-Cramp Relief - Leg cramps can usually be alleviated by firmly pinching your upper lip for 20 or 30 seconds.

Worst Night to be on the Road - Saturday night is a bad time to be on the road. One out of every 10 drivers on that particular night is likely to be drunk. And the latest statistics tell us that drunk drivers now kill more than 25,000 people a year, and injure one-half million.

Ways to Eliminate Canker Sores - Dissolve one-half teaspoon Baking Soda in a half cup of warm water and use as a mouthwash. Soak a cotton swab or cloth in Castor Oil and apply it directly to the Canker Sore. Apply a wet tea bag for temporary pain relief. Once the sore has started to heal, gently apply some Vitamin E Oil to the area.

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